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       Braces are used to help your arm or leg heal.  But they don't make you into a super-hero and they don't cure you instantly, so you still have to be careful until you are fully healed

       Wear the brace all the time, including at night when you sleep, unless the doctor told you otherwise.  Braces can be cleaned with soapy water on a wet rag.  Any soap is OK.  Don't put the brace in the washer.

      You will probably want to put powder on your arm or leg when you are wearing the brace.  That makes it a lot more comfortable.  Any talcum powder is OK.  We often advise the use of Gold Bond Medicated Powder. 

     When you remove the brace to bathe or wash, be sure to dry your arm or leg real well before you put the brace on.


     It is ok to move your fingers, but be careful with lifting.  Use two hands if something feels too heavy.  Also, try to stay away from ladders or narrow catwalks, where you would have to suddenly grab on with your hand if your feet slip.


     Don't put weight on your leg unless the doctor told you it is ok.  Use your crutches or walker if the doctor told you to.  When you sleep at night, cover the brace with a pillow case so your bed linens don't get dirty.


       Our clinic doesn't own any of these braces.  They are owned by a brace company who will send you a bill or will bill your insurance company.

If you have any questions, please ask us.