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If we have given you an injection in your knee, shoulder, or other part of your body, we don't limit your activities or what you can do after the injection.

Just go about your day as you normally would, doing everything you had planned to do.

It is ok to remove the bandaid before bedtime tonight, and ok to bathe anytime you like.  Most people bathe, and then remove the band-aid.

You might notice a bruise around the area where you got the shot.  This is not unusual, and it will vanish in a few days.

We do ask that you put ice on the area where you got the shot, just one time tonight.  Most patients do this right before they go to bed.

The easiest way is to put ice in a small ziplock bag, put a thin towel [like a dish towel] over the area, and then put the ice on for about five minutes.

We have you use the dish towel because sometimes just the plastic bag alone will slide around or will be uncomfortable.