anesthesia permit     [like we don't have enough to do !]

blood consent

preop check list for gsmc-m

conscious sedation

compartment pressures / release

generic debridement, upper/lower/right/left

delayed closure / skin graft

left shoulder arthroscopy

open left rotator cuff repair / distal clavicle resection

orif left humerus 

orif left elbow

orif left radius and ulna

left carpal tunnel release

orif / closed reduction left wrist

incision / drainage left hand

orif left hand and/or fingers

left deQuervain release

left wrist ganglion or mass

left thumb trigger finger

left middle trigger finger

left ring trigger finger

orif left proximal femur

left hip hemarthroplasty

left total hip

dislocated left hip

dislocated left total hip

orif left femoral shaft, any level

left knee arthroscopy

left acl

orif left patella, or patellectomy  

arthrotomy left knee

left total knee

bilateral total knee

orif left tibia nail-plate

left ankle

incision and drainage, left foot

right shoulder arthroscopy

open right rotator cuff repair / distal clavicle resection

orif right humerus

orif right elbow

orif right radius and ulna

right carpal tunnel release

right deQuervain release

right hand/wrist ganglion or mass

orif / closed reduction right wrist

orif right hand and/or fingers

incision / drainage right hand

right thumb trigger finger

right middle trigger finger

right ring trigger finger

orif right proximal femur

right hip hemiarthroplasty

right total hip

dislocated right hip

dislocated right total hip

orif right femoral shaft, any level

right knee arthroscopy

right acl

orif right patella, or patellectomy

arthrotomy right knee

right total knee

orif right tibia nail-plate

orif right ankle

incision and drainage, right foot