Questions About Surgery, Casts, Emergencies, Etc.

If you have an orthopaedic emergency, such as a broken bone, a bleeding wound, inability to walk after a fall, or a similar situation, it is best to go directly to the emergency room at Marshall Regional Medical Center.

We have a very limited amount of equipment in our office, and your emergency can usually be handled best at the hospital.  The emergency physicians at Marshall Regional are among the best in Texas, and can help you much more quickly than we might be able to.

If you are currently being treated by us and have a problem after office hours, call 903 935 1151 and one of the doctors will return your call.  Please understand that your call might not be returned immediately, since our doctors stay quite busy at the hospital when they are on call.

While you can't always "schedule" a problem, it is always best to call during office hours.  That way, our staff can get your records to the doctor so that we can help you better.

We refill prescriptions only during office hours -  Monday through Thursday 9 am to 4 pm, and Friday 9 am to noon.